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This is a Vampire Diary RPG, come play a character or two from the show. Immerse yourself in the world of Mystic Falls...
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BREAKING NEWS: A young couple attacked by wild animal in Mystic Falls forest.
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 Rules ~ MUST READ

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Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert

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PostSubject: Rules ~ MUST READ   Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:28 am

These are the rules of the site, I hope that you take the time to go through them. As a lot of your questions can be answered here. I'll know if you don't, so please just take a few minutes to read them. We work on a three strike system. You will get three warnings before your first strike, but any warning after that will add a strike. Once you've received your third you were will removed from this site.


A) Harassment ~ We do not accept harassment of any kind. Bullying is not tolerated here as no one deserves that kind of attention. So when you're dealing with other people, you will be expected to treat them with respect. During RP-ing you can have your fights and the people you hate, but in Chat Box you stop when someone asks you to. It is not tolerated, as no one should ever feel victimized or ganged up on.

B) Rating ~ Please keep in mind that this site has no limits on topics such as; sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, and partying. In order for the drugs to be done and the alcohol to be consumed the character must be at least 16 years old! This site may not be appropriate for younger users. You have been warned.

~~~~~BUT All threads that have the above content must have RATINGS next to the title. An example would be: A Night to Remember (NC-17). There is a thread with a description of these ratings so that you may reference them.

C) Signatures ~ They must be no larger than 500X200. You can use this as a reference.

D) Plagiarism ~ This is not acceptable under any circumstances. If we find you have stolen another member's work or something from this site without explicit permission you will be deleted. We don't take plagiarism very lightly here.

E) Activity ~ Activity is very important in how well a site runs, but I also understand that everyone has their own lives. We aren't too strict here, but if you know you'll be gone for more than a week... a post in the absent thread would be appreciated.

F) Spamming ~ We don't join your sites with the sole intention of advertising. We allow a guest friendly advertising section for that very reason. So if we fight you joined for that reason, you will be banned and any advertising for your site will be deleted.

G) Profiles ~ Please try and finish your profiles and other character information within two weeks of your registering. There really is no point to register without any intention of doing anything else.

H) Realistic ~ Remember to be as realistic as possible when role playing. This is the Vampire Diaries Universe, so please keep that in mind. We are trying to get a taste of that lifestyle and the only way we can accomplish that is by remaining as in character as possible.


A) User Names ~ When you register your user name should be your characters FIRST and LAST name. No names such as VampireDiariesRules, xxdamienxx, Candy, or any other variations.

~~~~~Ex of Proper Names: Elena Gilbert, Orion Stevens, etc...

B) Cannons ~ If you wish to take a cannon character you should register under a different name. You may not take the name of a cannon character without first finishing all the character information. Once that is completely we will change your name.

~~~~~Also, if you're planning on taking a cannon character... you must keep them as in character as possible. Don't do something extravagantly out of character, otherwise you should have just created your own character with it's very own personality to boot.

C) Restrictions ~ Unless you are ridiculously active you may only possess one cannon character. If you wish for another, you will have to PM me for permission. Now the overall character limit is 10 characters per person and they must ALL remain active. If you share an IP address with another member you will have to let me know. Otherwise we will assume you are the same person.

~~~~~IP address... meaning the same computer or internet modem.

C) Mary Jane ~ There is no perfect person in this world, so there will be none on this site. We will remain as realistic as possible. So there will be no 5,000 year old indestructible vampire or people without weaknesses or flaws. Do you really want to play a character that has no depth?

D) Humans ~ As in Vampire Diaries, most humans aren't privy to the existence of vampires or the other creatures. So your human characters can't start out with this knowledge UNLESS you have a sufficient plot idea for your character in mind. Then you may PM me for permission. Otherwise you will just have to wait, with how many creatures there will be roaming about, I'm sure they won't remain left in the dark for too long.

Role Playing

A) God Modding ~ This is not allowed unless you're given the explicit permission from the other person. Everything you do must have the consent of both characters; death, torture, etc... Keep in mind that you do NOT control the reactions of others.

~~~~~If you are given indefinite permission you must have that stated in your signature. If you are given permission for one post or more, you must post this code...

Permission to GM Character First and Last Name

B) Word Count ~ The word minimum for posting is forty words. No one likes to write a long post and find something small in return. So the minimum may be forty, but more would probably be appreciated.

C) Posting ~ You must you proper grammar, text talk will not be allowed during IC posting. An to keep things simple all posting must be written in third person past tense. So there is no confusion. Double posting is also NOT allowed, the edit button was created for a reason.

D) Original Characters ~ When you're creating an original character it should not be from other books or movies. Be creative and make your own character with it's own personality. If you want a created character, then you should look into become a cannon character instead.

Chat Box

A) Site Talk ~ I do not mind if you talk about other sites there, but if you do, I EXPECT you to remain active on this site otherwise you will be deleted. An if I notice that you've only come to advertise, you will also be deleted.

If you have any questions feel free to PM myself, Elena Gilbert
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