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This is a Vampire Diary RPG, come play a character or two from the show. Immerse yourself in the world of Mystic Falls...
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BREAKING NEWS: A young couple attacked by wild animal in Mystic Falls forest.
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 Jamie O'Donnel

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Jamie O'Donnel

Jamie O'Donnel

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PostSubject: Jamie O'Donnel   Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:12 am

Jamie Orwell O'Donnel

Jamie Orwell O'Donnel
(student or to be added after you get one)
Summer Glau

Dark brunette
Chocolate brown
5 foot 3 inches
Jamie has a slim, hour glass figure with a defined dancers build
A scar across her neck from a knife
Jamie wears elegant clothes, she commonly wears knee length figure hugging dresses in very neutral colours with boots that end around 2 inches beneath her knee with a thick 2 inch heel. When she is not wearing dresses she is wearing blouse tops and tight fit jeans. She dresses smartly and presentably. From the way she dresses she is obviously very well off and knows how to dress to flatter her figure and features.

Jamie is a nervous girl, she flinches away from handshakes and other forms of greeting.
Jamie just has to write, she will write any where any time even during important meetings.

Singing to herself at undetermined times
Constantly smoothes her dress when she is nervous, which is most of the time.

All kinds of music, as long as it has meaning and talent.
Writing, she loves to write and to read, she will write 20 hours of the day given the chance non-stop.
Singing, she loves to sing to vent her emotions and with this she loves to dance as well and she is an extremely talented dancer.

Arrogance, Jamie truly hates arrogant people. She cannot even stand to listen to them, they irritate her to her very core
The unknown, Jamie is a well educated woman and to not know something rankles her last nerve.
Ignorance, Jamie hates people who think they know when they are ignorant of the truth and she also hates being ignorant of truths herself, even the best kept secret would irritate her to no end when she realized she had been ignorant about it.

Literary documentation, Jamie is a woman with a great talent with the english language, able to write in a fluid and smooth manner with a great deal of vocabulary and translating emotions into words.
Dancing, Jamie has one true strength and passion and that is her grace on the dance floor, surpassing even her writing ability by ten fold. She can learn a routine for almost any dance style in under 1 hour and perfect it in around a day but she still has to keep rehearsing to memorize it, she is an exceedingly talented dancer with an amazing musicality and rhythm.
Jamie is exceedingly stealthy, because of her dancing she is light footed and she has a great understanding of the human perceptions and how to remain undetected, she can even use this in the wild if needs be. Her foot steps are virtually silent, only the keenest hearing would pick them up.

Leukemia, Jamie has freshly detected, early stages of leukemia, leaving her vulnerable and weakened and potentially on her death bed at any moment.
Jamie has a slight fear of men, due to her past encounters with some abusive males she has a deep running mistrust for the male gender and struggle to develop trust and bonds with them.
socially Jamie is probably one of the most awkward people somebody could meet, she struggles with even the easiest social encounters making her a very quiet girl who only speaks when it is of great import unless she trusts the people she is with.

Dance, as already stated Jamie is a very talented dancer and so much of her talent has been untapped and untouched, she learns, develops and gets better every day and this is the only thing she is truly confident about, she can dance in a room of strangers without batting an eye lid.
To be an author and professional dancer.

Jamie grew up to a family oblivious to the super natural. Her mother Ellen silver was a dancer and her father Jeremy O'Donnel were not native to the town and when they moved with their daughter in tow they had no idea of the happenings and goings on. Summer grew up home educated, being taught to dance by her mother and to write by her father. Her parents taught her all the basic skills she would need to survive and defend herself from hunting in the forest with her uncle Thomas to sewing with her aunt Summer.

When Jamie turned 15 she met her first boyfriend Oliver, their relationship was short lived as Jamie deemed her dance career more important but then she came to regret this as Oliver cornered her one evening on the way back from rehearsal and took her liberties from her violently, leaving Jamie a mess of mental and physical injuries, including the scar that remains to this day upon her neck. It took many years for her to recover enough to leave the house to dance.

Her career continued even after the incident and Jamie became both a small time author and dancer, slowly getting closer to her dream but she had no idea what super natural things were around the corner in her life. It was during this time she was also diagnosed with a serious case of Leukemia, the kind that threatened to end her life, let alone her career and that they had tried to cure twice, with two methods but still could not.

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Jeremy O'Donnel
Elen Silver

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Jamie O'Donnel
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