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This is a Vampire Diary RPG, come play a character or two from the show. Immerse yourself in the world of Mystic Falls...
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BREAKING NEWS: A young couple attacked by wild animal in Mystic Falls forest.
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 Store Owners and Workers Application

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Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert

Posts : 69
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Join date : 2011-10-20
Age : 29
Location : California

PostSubject: Store Owners and Workers Application   Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:29 am

These places are available to be owned...

Mystic Falls High
~ Teachers (5)
(Pick your preferred subject)

Public Library
~ Librarians (2)
~ Computer Expert (1)

Mystic Grill
~ Owner: Aaron Carmichael
~ Bartender (2)
~ Cooks (2)
~ Waiters/Waitresses (2)

Salvatore's Cabaret
~ Owner: Damon Salvatore
~ Manager (1)
~ Bouncer (2)
~ Security Guards (4)
~ Bartenders (5)
~ Waiter/Waitresses (6)
~ DJ's (3)
~ Exotic Dancers (5)
~ Chefs (4)

Mystic Motel
~ Owner (1)
~ Manager (1)
~ Receptionist (1)
~ Housekeepers (2)
~ Security (1)

Police Station
~ Deputies (4)

Art and Co.
~ Owner: William Baltimore
~ Waiter/Waitresses (4)
~ Night Security (2)

Mystic Falls Hospital
~ Hospital Director (1)
~ Chief of Staff (1)
~ Head Doctor (1)
~ Doctors(3)
~ Head Nurse (1)
~ Nurses (3)
~ Interns (1 a 'year')
~ Receptionist (1)

The Mall
(you can create shops and restaurants within the station, just specify you want it there when you create one...)

Orchid Lounge
~ Owner (1)
~ Bartenders (2)
~ Cooks (2)
~ Dancers (4)
~ Waiters/Waitresses (2)
~ Security (2)

~ Owner: Jane Parker
~ Bartenders (2)
~ Waiters/Waitresses (2)
~ Dancers (2)
~ Security (2)

[b]Store/Place wanted[/b]:
[b]RP Sample[/b]: (at least one paragraph, but more is always appreciated)
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Jane Parker

Jane Parker

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Join date : 2011-12-03

PostSubject: Re: Store Owners and Workers Application   Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:00 am

Name: Jane Parker
Age: 23
Store/Place wanted: Aqua Owner
Qualifications: Charismatic, Active, and well-oriented with modern ways.
RP Sample:

It was getting darker, and Jane knew that it wouldn't be long before the club was packed once more. She smiled as some of the regulars noticed her, and made small talk with whoever stroke her fancy. She shifted through the crowd of bodies dancing and easily maneuvered herself to the middle of the dance floor. She laughed lightly as everyone moved to the beat of the song blaring from the speakers, and she began to move as well.

She had only been dancing for a couple of minutes when a commotion began to stir. Confused and annoyed, Jane walked on over to the entrance where an under-aged kid was trying to fool the bouncer on duty. She placed a hand on the security's shoulder and peered down at the under-aged boy from beneath her eye lashes. "How about this? You scurry off now and when you're finally of age, you can throw your party here - free of charge."

She hid a smirk when the boy seemed at a loss for words, and she chuckled when he went away, a skip to his step and blush on his cheeks. That was fun. She stalked on over to the bar, not in the mood to dance anymore, but still up for a little bar-tending.

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Aaron Carmichael

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Join date : 2011-10-27
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Store Owners and Workers Application   Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:33 am

Name: Aaron Carmichael
Age: 23
Store/Place wanted: Mystic Grill Owner
Qualifications: Great at cooking (grilling especially) and entertaining, and very passionate
RP Sample:
Aaron smiled as he grilled two two-inch steaks, despite knowing that, as the owner, he didn't necessarily have to do anything. He watched as some kids entered the bar/grill and headed straight for the bar to grab some drinks, a small smile on his face as he reminisced of times that he had been in their position. Taking a small swig of his Iced Tea - something he always had to keep him cool while grilling - he turned the steaks over to cook on the other side.

He whistled a tune as he finished, his thoughts scattered. Plating up the two steaks, he whistled loudly to catch one of the waitresses attention, and slid the plate over to her, seeing as she was the one assigned to the particular table. He nodded at her and went back to his own world, grilling.

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Alexia Branson

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Join date : 2011-11-28
Age : 27
Location : Liverpool

PostSubject: Re: Store Owners and Workers Application   Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:16 pm

Alexia Branson:
Store/place wanted:Hospital Director

Lexi put aside the papers concerning the hospital funds. When she was human she had always dreamed of being a nurse, helping sick people, being looked up to and respected, putting her strong love and passion to the benefit of others well-being. But that was no longer a option and hadn't been since she turned. she wanted to help people, but being a vampire stopped that in some ways.

She sighed in defiance and picked her papers up again. This was the only way she could be part of helping people. It did bother her sometimes, that someone else got the credit for her hard work, but compelling her human puppet to not remember giving all the work and decisions to the real hospital director was the best way to do this.

She smiled to herself. While looking over the mail the other day, her human cover-up puppet had gotten a letter. The letter was a reward for hard work and dedication. The writer of the letter had said how lucky the entire hospital was to have such a dedicated director. How they couldn't have made it without her. How she was truly the heart of the hospital and many, many patients guardian angel.

DENIED ~ Elena
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PostSubject: Re: Store Owners and Workers Application   

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Store Owners and Workers Application
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