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This is a Vampire Diary RPG, come play a character or two from the show. Immerse yourself in the world of Mystic Falls...
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BREAKING NEWS: A young couple attacked by wild animal in Mystic Falls forest.
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 The Vampires

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Elena Gilbert

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PostSubject: The Vampires   Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:37 pm

These are a list of what vampires can and can not do... their weaknesses, etc...

A) They can NOT walk in the sun, this isn't twilight, no one sparkles. They will burn and it will hurt like hell
~ Only with a piece of jewelry spelled by a witch may they become day walkers. (This isn't something you can individually decide. There is a raffle type thing that will determine who gets to be day walkers and who won't.)

B) They must drink blood to survive
~ If they decide to live off animal blood their powers are severely depleted. An they are unable to use a lot of their abilities to it's full potential

C) The bite of a werewolf can in fact kill them in a very painful way
~ Only the blood of an original can save them

D) Vampires heal enormously fast, but it works faster when blood is in their system.

E) They can turn off their humanity making it easier for them to do what they do.

F) All vampires derive from the Originals, they are the first vampires and were created through the use of spell cast by their mother.
~ One of their sons were killed by a werewolf during their transformation, Mikael begged his wife to enhance their abilities so that they could protect themselves. They slipped their children blood and Mikael brutally stabbed them all through the heart. When they awoke, they forced them to drink human blood.
~ An as witches are meant to maintain the balance, the spell made it so every strength they possessed came with a weakness.

G) Most vampires will remain unemployed because as vampires are meant to be secret they can't have high traffic jobs.
~ They are also unable to take jobs that will keep them in close proximity to blood.

H) Resurrected vampires were dead, so they can't just jump into situations as they only just came back.

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The Vampires
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