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This is a Vampire Diary RPG, come play a character or two from the show. Immerse yourself in the world of Mystic Falls...
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BREAKING NEWS: A young couple attacked by wild animal in Mystic Falls forest.
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PostSubject: RE ; GET OUT ALIVE   Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:28 am

If you want to get out alive hold on run for your life

We no longer live in a world that is ruled by the government. That world no
longer exist. Society has taken things into their own hands and the earth
has become a large battle ground. Ordinary people must fight to stay alive
while others have been trained to work under these circumstances. It all
started when a virus was let out in a city that everyone has forgotten about.
The first to experience this pandemic was Raccoon City had been targeted.
A corporation called Umbrella was working on what they thought would create
the perfect bio weapon in war. After seeing what this virus, that would become
to be known to the public as the T-Virus, could do it was shut down. Umbrella
was destroyed, but one member survived, Albert Wesker, who now resurrected
the corporation having many headquarters around the world.

That was until…

A woman showed up all over the place, she was on her own mission, find
Wesker and take out Umbrella. Her name was Alice. She was a project of
Umbrella a few years ago that didn’t go as planned. Her body was the only
one that bonded well with the virus while most others just died off after.
Helping out as many people as she could until it was her time to leave, she
did manage to meet up with everyone once again. Flying over seas to a place
called Arcadia. She was left alone, there was nobody living or dead. That was
until she was attacked by a woman, someone she soon recognized. Claire
Redfield had managed to escape her own fate but was soon under the control
of the virus. Alice noticed a device on her; she’d lost all her memory and
couldn’t remember her name. A few hours to days later Claire was fully aware
of her past, and present and in the middle of it all, she’d found her brother who
she had been searching for since the beginning of the outbreak. After the two
were reunited, they set out to the Arcadia which they had been told was a boat,
not a town or city in Alaska. After arriving at the ship, they realized that it was
not only a trap, but a trap set up by Umbrella. Alice, who found out where all the
survivors were hidden away under their feet in animation tubes, while on her
hunt to get them freed she found one that was all broken and bloodied. Following
that, she ended up finding Wesker. Although she wasn’t able to fight him off,
Claire and Chris came to help. With one last blow from both their guns he was
sure to be dead. Wrong. The virus within his body kept him strong and
regenerated his healing. Getting away though, Wesker thought he was in the
clear. Until his helicopter blew up.

A few days ago…

Travelling all over the world, the Arcadia was on a search to find more
survivors. Though hope faded from most, others kept high spirits and
knew that there would be more out there… somewhere. Claire Redfield
being one of them, she knew there was more out there; this wasn’t the
last of the human race here. It just wasn’t possible. Landing themselves
somewhere in Canada, they grabbed a map and saw that they were at an
island called Prince Edward Island. Taking it one step at a time, they didn’t
want to expose themselves. Claire being the only one who went off the boat
without others knowing, she’s made a good friend on her journey. Someone
who she thinks might be the one to make her not take this life so seriously
and have some time to herself, while the others are completely unaware of
her adventures, they’ll soon find out where she is. When everyone starts
noticing that others are wandering off travelling on their own away from the
arcadia and the island, just how far will one go to save their loved ones?
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